Couplers and splitters

Acoustic Points produce small parts for audio applications: couplers, splitters, stands for hi-fi sets, anti-vibration feet for platforms, etc. All the elements are made of a revolutionary material called POM-C AP50TM which has been patented by our company.

POM-C AP50TM provides excellent protection from static electric changes. It is most suitable for the applications where electrostatic forces may cause instability of work or change the parameters of the transmitted signals. Materials modified in a similar way are also used for casings of electonic appliances and they function as magnetic screens protecting the appliances from the influence of electromagnetic waves.

Couplers used with audio cables usually act as adornments upgrading only aesthetic values of a cable. They cover glue, heat shrinkable tubings, connections or passages. They are used for carrying logos and imprints. Our company has transformed these passive elements into active ones. When our Smart Splitters made of POM-C AP50TM are applied, the surface of the conductor is free of electrostatic charges. In this way, we obtain an additional protection against overvoltage and damage of audio elements. This elimination of micro charges on the surface of a conductor helps to deliver a lossless signal.

All the elements are made on a small scale by means of a horological lathe. They are hand burnished with felt and special polish afterwards. Each item differs slightly from the rest. Minor flaws and maculations which may appear on the objects are effects of extremly difficult processing of the surface of POM-C AP50TM. Obtaining a perfect glossy surface on this material is virtually impossible. Nevertheless, mechanical and electrical properties are excellent.  



Smart Foot


Smart Foot

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