Acoustic Points is comprised of a small group of designers, technologists and sound engineers, gathered in a common project. Lukas Mika is its leader, the owner and the main engineer of Audiomica Laboratory. The company is also supported by external consultants and their long-time experience and knowledge. Such support can also be your participation as we are open to any new suggestions.

Most of the final projects, presented under the brand of Acoustic Points, have already existed for several years as prototypes. These include mainly the unfinished ideas of our team’s members. That was the beginning of our inception. A major step forward was the opportunity to use Audiomica’s technical facilities, i.e. an excellent measuring equipment, a listening room and a place for our own projects. The knowledge of Audiomica’s engineers was also of great significance.

Our motto is ‘no compromise’, only the sound matters. All audio accessories are created to improve the quality of sound. It is important to us to abstract all the subtleties and details from home audio systems to make listening to music even more satisfying. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience.

We proudly present Acoustic Points audio accessories.

Smart Foot


Smart Foot

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